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UPCOMING BUILD SERIES: Welsford Navigator Sailboat

It's been a few years since I built our last boat, so I guess it's time to tackle another build. This time, I'm leaving the safety and comfort of Chesapeake Light Craft and embarking on another stitch and glue build. This is a 15' yawl capable of camp-cruising. I'm hoping my 8 year old son will be interested in helping a bit, with the end goal of heading out into the San Juan Islands and doing a little camp-cruising.

I currently have the paper plans, I've made digital cut files for the parts, hence the recent CNC build (building stuff to build stuff). I also "won" a partially started hull that I have to go pickup. This will entail eventually building two boats and selling one to pay for both. I'm planning on doing a set of videos (ala The Art of Boat Building). The CNC will be cutting out templates and boat parts out of MDF, marine-grade plywood and solid wood.

Here's what it's going to look like (photos courtesy of Joel Bergen)

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