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Woodworker's Dictionary

These are some definitions that have manifested themselves as to be self-evident in the shop:

Clamping Pressure - The anxiety a woodworker feels while trying to get all of the parts lined up and clamps clamped before the glue dries up.

Sawdust - The only thing that the Mrs. sees when she pokes her head into the shop to see what you’re tracking into the house.

Research - Trying to find those free plans online of that project you want to build that you originally found late at night four months ago.

Saw Guard - When the Mrs. constantly checks on you to make sure you’re using the safety equipment that came with your table saw, that you promptly removed.

Dust Collection System - Everything you wear while in the shop (i.e. socks, underwear, hat, etc.)

Finger Joint - The swollen knuckle you whacked with the dead blow hammer while assembling your latest project.

Router Guide - The manual that you had to read several times before before figuring out how to use your new power tool.

Hide Glue - The inability to find the adhesive during the assembly process because your shop is so messy.

Tapering Jig - The dance you do when you successfully pull off tapering the legs of the table you're making without damaging yourself or any wood.

Machining Lubricant - The blood that squirts out of your hand after you thought you could hold that piece of metal while drilling a hole in it.

Shop Vac - Sneaking a day off to work in the shop to make some progress on that project that only you care about.

Woodworking Plans - The dream you have of building that perfect piece of furniture and put all those "pros" to shame.

Sanding Block - The inherent resistance you feel to doing all of that sanding towards the end of the project.

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