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Eastport Pram Build #3: Getting My Ship Together…

So, I went ahead and stitched the transoms on even though I’m not done cutting out the handles. I just wanted something that looked like a boat instead of a pile of scrap lumber. I’m really impressed with the precision in which the parts mated up. The tolerances were so close, it looks like a CNC kit!

It’s really cool the way the parts all force each other into the correct hull form!

Stitching planks #3 and #4 on really makes it look like a boat!

She’s got some nice lines. Real boats have curves…

I couldn’t resist adding the center bulkhead template in to see how close it fits and the final hull shape.

I’m going to remove the transoms and finish the handle cutouts and ease the top edges while it’s still easy to use the router on the workbench.

The next step is to precisely locate the center bulkhead and stitch it in place. This stiffens the hull and holds it into the correct shape so I can flip her and fill all of the lap joints with thickened epoxy. That will stiffen up the hull a bit to help her keep in shape…

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